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Eight Steps To List Building

  Since the beginning of the Internet one thing has not changed and that is list building.  The fact is that your newsletter/ezine  list is the foundation of your business and the larger your list, the stronger your foundation.  The question for most new online business owners is where to start.  How do you build a list?

  First keep in mind that building your list is a process.  It does take time, although there are things you can do to speed up your efforts.  Before we discuss that, let’s start with the basics.

  First, you must have a delivery system for which to communicate to your list.  Without a delivery system, you only have a list and a list by itself is useless.  First you build the list and then you communicate with your list by sending out a regular newsletter, updates, sales, announcements, etc.  To do this easily, you will need a dependable autoresponder.  These are a few of the options available:

  Royal-Responder :  Lets you use your own leads with the $21.95 option.  However deliverability is less than the other two autoresponders listed here.


Get Response

  Once you have the autoresponder in place and have created the necessary forms to use on your website so visitors can subscribe, it’s time to start marketing to build your list.

  First and foremost you must give your visitors a reason to want to subscribe to your newsletter list.  It’s important to outline what they will receive from your newsletter.  Specifically outline what is in it for them!  After all, this is really ALL your visitors care about. 

  Then it’s time to promote your newsletter.  Getting the word out is important and the following are the most effective ways to do it.

  Write and Distribute Articles

You may have heard this before, but writing relevant articles is not just important, but vital to your business as well as building your expertise online.  Do not write an ad.  Take a look at the online articles to get a feel for how articles should be written. My favorite to place to read articles is  Read articles in your genre and get a feel for how an article should be written.  If you need more help learning how to write an article, click here to view our article writing tutorial.  Don’t take the easy way out writing your articles.  How you are read online will create an impression for those that read what you write.  The people that are looking for content for their websites, blogs, newsletters as well as people trying to learn from you are looking for valuable content, not rehashed articles.  If you are writing just to get your article into a particular article directory, it will be weak and represent you as the same.  Don’t get caught in the “back link acquisition” mentality where the only reason you are submitting articles is simply to get a back link.  It’s an abuse of the article directories and it will come back to bite you in the end.  Take care with absolutely everything you put your name on and write with care.  Spell check and grammar check your writing before you submit it.  In other words do your best work and it will work for you for many years to come.  I still have articles online in prime positions that I wrote 12 years ago!  It doesn’t get better than that. 

  You can start with a Private Label article, but I recommend that you use these PLR articles as a base and then personalize the articles and flesh them out to be a full-bodied useful article.  Some people do better if they have something to start with.  Private label articles can provide this start.  

  Once you have written your article you will want to distribute it.  First, you will want to send it out to the article directories.  To get a free list of article directories click here. 

  You can also use article distribution software. The software is intended to automatically send your articles to hundreds of  article directories and make signing up for the article directories much easier.  For a reasonable investment you can make article distribution much more effective.  Click here for our recommendation.

  I also recommend that you research ezines and their editors to submit directly to them.  The best ezine directory I have found is Directory of Ezines located here.  It does involve paying for an annual membership but it will be the best investment you make.  Establishing relationships with ezine editors is extremely valuable to your business.  As well, you will want to research in an ezine directory that is as current as possible.  The Directory of Ezines does a very good job of keeping current.

  Write and Distribute Press Releases

  As a publicist press releases are near and dear to my heart.  Actually press releases are the very heart of my business.  For years a press release was written in such a way to catch the interest of the media.  An editor, a producer, a talk show host was the main objective.  These days, a press release is written as much if not more to gain traffic to a website.  Even still, it’s important to write a press release in the proper fashion and with the correct tone because they can still capture publicity.  If you need help writing your press release click here to read our free tutorial. Once you have created your press release, you will want to distribute it.  Click here for a list of places to submit your press release.  Consider upgrading from the free options available to provide more visability.

  Get Involved In Social Networking

Social Networking is the new buzz word of the Internet.  It’s also a very confusing concept to many.  So what exactly is it?  To put it in the simpliest terms, it is a place where people of certain mind set meet and share information.  For instance there are mainstream social networking sites such as MySpace where kids meet and adults share business contacts.  Of course it has also the been in the media for unsavory situations that have nothing to do with MySpace itself but rather the creeps that abuse it.  Many, many smart, savvy business people use MySpace to build their list and make valuable contacts for their business.  There are also networking sites that are geared specifically for business.  These are our recommendations:

  Linked In

  Fast Pitch Networking

  Buy Ezine Ads

Placing ads in ezines can be very valuable for building your list.  Some ezine owners will also allow you to send a solo ad to their list for a higher fee.  This means that your ad will go out to their list alone and get the full attention you are looking to gain.  However, it can be equally valuable to place an ad in a well read ezine. 

  Again, you will want to research the appropriate ezines to place your ad and Directory of Ezines is the best option we have found.  Another option that is extremely affordable is an advertising cooperative.  I have had great results with  Two Buck Ads here.  They are an inexpensive means to getting your ad out to hundreds of thousands of readers at a small price.

  Learn how to write an effective ad.  When writing the ad forget about what you want and write the ad with your audience in mind.  Specifically, what is in it for them! 

  Ask For Ad Swaps

  As you build a respectable list you can request ad swaps with other ezine owners.  Do your research and send an email to request a swap.  Be sure to include why the ezine owner will want to swap ads with you and what you have to offer. 

  Ads For Subscribers

  Once you have built your list to 5,000 or more you can participate in programs that offer new subscribers for ad space.  One such site is Two Buck Ads located here.  Be sure you are ready to do this as you will get a list of new subscribers every day and you will need to run their ads in return.  It can be overwhelming but it can also be a very effective way to build your list without additional cost.

  Market With Co_reg Leads

Many of the big powerful online marketers use co-reg leads to build their newsletter.  Do not buy co-reg leads and then automatically subscribe these leads to your list.  It just does not work.  All you have then is a large list of completely non-responsive people.  Create a free give away and use the leads to market this free give away to and let interested parties subscribe.  Be sure to send out a marketing sales letter to these leads at least 11 times before you trash the leads and start over.  Some autoresponders allow you to market and others do not, be sure to read their terms of service before you select an autoresponder for the purpose of marketing.  (Royal is a good autoresponder for this purpose.) .  You can buy reliable, responsive co-reg optin leads here.  

  List Building Services

Other services will build your list for you.  This can be expensive, but it’s an extremely fast way to build a very responsive list.  My favorite is  They also have a corresponding autoresponder that is integrated into their list building service.  This might be the smartest decision for you.  I have been aware of this service for 12 years and I have used it off and on over those 12 years.  Now I use it exclusively along with marketing using our optin leads.  The combination seems to work very well. 

  These are the basics of building your newsletter list.  Your list is gold and must be one of the most important aspects of your website business.  Take time to do at least two newsletter list building activities every single week and you will build a strong, stable, profitable online business. 



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