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How To Write A Press Release


Increase awareness through a press release. Yes, I know, press releases have become quite the popular little tool around cyberspace with releases being blasted hither and there, but are they working? Probably not. Blasting your press release will bring blasted little results in terms of getting the media to notice you. However, blasting can help pull traffic to your site through the automated back link acquisition that blasting provides.  Instead, do both by thoughtfully putting together a very dynamic one-page press release and target publications that would be most interested in you and your business. Don't drone out the details; make that press release sing your praises. Then send it to a real live editor and follow up with a phone call. In other words, let the press release be the invitation to your follow up phone call. Begin making connections with the media. Be polite, be excited, and be patient.  Then blast the press release to the online venues.

So, how do you write a press release?  First, be very aware that a press release does not use any type of sales language.  If you are used to writing to sell your website, it will be more difficult to get down to the facts and cut the selling language.  However, if you want to be taken seriously by the media, it’s essential to learn to write in press release language which simply the facts.

While you need to give up the sales language, you do need to find an angle for your press release that the media might find interestingly enough to give you print space or time on their radio/television show.  Dull won’t do it.

There are several different formats for a press release.  Some start with the contact information at the top, other’s put it at the bottom.  It makes little difference as long as your contact information is included. 

You will also want to include the release date.  Most often it is for immediate release. 

Your first paragraph should include an introduction to your subject matter.  The middle paragraph expounds on that subject and may include quotes from appropriate people, such as the owner of the site or an expert in your industry.

The last paragraph closes with an invitation to the media to contact you for additional information. At the end of your press release put:  ###.  This indicates that the press release has ended.  To see a press release, please click here.

When do you write a press release?  Any major event with your business is appropriate.  However, many businesses distribute a press release at least once a month.  My view is when in doubt, write and distribute a press release.  It can’t hurt, it can only help.






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