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The Truth About Writing And Publishing Articles Online

Publishing articles has been an effective marketing and promotional tool long before the Internet. Since the Internet article writing and publishing has exploded with more opportunities to increase exposure, search engine rankings, and traffic without spending a dime. Furthermore, if done correctly publishing articles can give you and your online business instant credibility. Good articles can provide a sure path to online success.

The problem is that article writing has become a fast, quick, means to an end. Many online website owners simply want to get backlinks to their site and use any easy means possible to achieve that end. Private Label Articles have provided a way for website owners to get published without breaking a sweat. The problem is that these articles are over-used content that do not provide any real worth. In the beginning of the Internet, worthy articles providing valuable information was the norm. Now, rehashed content is more typical. That isn’t to say that Private Label Articles do not have their place. As a starting point to an article, they are a brilliant solution. 

If you want to rise above your competition and build a strong, stable business, learn the specifics of writing strong, valuable, unique content that will set you apart from those that want everything to be “fast food” easy. 

So, what should an article include? Let’s review an outline of a great article.

1. Every article has a beginning, a middle, and an end. 
The beginning of your article should introduce your topic and explain what the article will provide the reader in terms of valuable information. The middle of the article is the meat. It provides that information in a concise, interesting format. The ending is the conclusion that brings all the pieces together.

2. The article is not an ad.
Don’t confuse articles with ads. This is not the time to sell your services or products. Your resource box is the place to do that and I will discuss that in a minute. It is very important that you write articles that teach or provide extremely useful information that will help the reader to improve some aspect of their life. Articles should be relevant to your business. If you have a baby related website, it doesn’t make sense to publish marketing articles. Instead provide articles on caring for babies. Go to article directories such as and read the articles listed there. Note the articles that actually teach you something versus those that are written just for a space in the directory. You will be able to tell the difference. Be the writer that rises above a content writer to become a valuable content writer. 

3. The length of your article is important.
Although magazine articles can run as long as 2,500 words, this is simply too long for the Internet reader. It is also too long for most ezine publishers which is your goal. Many Private Label Articles are only 250 words long. This is much too short to provide anything of real value. Internet articles generally run about 500 to 1,000 words. 

4. Find your voice.
What does finding your voice mean? It means injecting your personality into your writing. Write as if you are talking to another person. Include your humor, anecdotes, and analogies into your writing to give it pizzazz. Let your readers get to know you through your writing.

5. Include at least five valuable points that will help the reader. The points
can be resources or tips. These points should offer something valuable that you give the reader and show you off as an expert in your field.

6. Spell check and grammar check your article. Word processing programs typically provided on today’s computers do a great job of spell checking and grammar checking your work. However, don’t rely totally on them to proof your work. Some things that get picked up by grammar check may be okay for the “voice” of your article. Spell check may not pick up some words that are spelled correctly but not for the particular use in your article. Read your article after you write it and then wait a day and read it again. If possible, have someone else read your work as well. It can be difficult to read your own work and find your own mistakes. Professionally paid writers have a problem with this, so don’t let it bother you. Be open to suggestions and use them only if they make sense to you. 

7. End the article with your resource box. 
This comes at the very bottom of your article and it DOES sell your services and website. Again, review resource boxes in other articles to see what works and does not work.

Don’t be afraid to write and don’t let anyone convince you that you cannot write. Anyone can write good articles with a little effort. The more you do it the better you will be at it. If you feel a little lost getting started Private Label Articles can give you a start. Use these articles as a starting point, not an ending point. Take the articles and make them your own. Write-Promotion provides free article starters to help you learn to write valuable content.

When your article is complete, publish it to your website, submit it to pertinent article directories, and offer it for consideration to appropriate ezine publishers. 
Before long you will start seeing a drastic rise in traffic. When I started writing for Write-Promotion twelve years ago, my website went from approximately $2,500 a month in sales to $13,000 a month within 60 days due to just one article. That article is still being published today! These days it may take a little longer, but these types of drastic results still happen everyday. So, is it worth it to write unique valuable content for your site? I’d say so. Wouldn’t you?


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