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Put Your Business Where Your Heart Is!

By: Anne Marie Baugh

Consumers are smart people. Since you are one, and I am one, I'm sure we won't quibble about this statement. The fact is that consumers can smell a sales job like strong perfume in a crowd with very much the same results, it reeks so they leave. Automatically turning away from what they don't want to deal with. Is this the kind of impact you are making on your potential clients? If so, it's time get to the root of the problem.

If you are in business solely to make money and become rich, the odds are stacked in your favor to fail. Money is not a motivation, it will not see you through the difficult times of building a business and it will not bring customers to you in droves. Heart will. Passion will. The love of your talent put into action definitely will, but money alone will not.

Furthermore if you are in it just for money, your target audience of potential buyers already knows it and have put up their defenses to keep you way. This is the single biggest reason that MLM programs fail, that businesses don't make the seven year mark, and that get rich quick schemes aren't. Once you accept this unshakable fact of life you can begin to make changes that will, in fact, not only bring you financial success but personal success as well.

Given this consumer psychology, the first step to making positive change is to look at yourself. Unfortunately, isn't this always the way? The hardest part starts with us, not others. So ask yourself, are you really doing what you love? Does the daily process of business excite and enthuse you? Do you jump out of bed before the alarm clock rings or punch it shut to sleep more? Are you making a living using your talents or are you merely surviving? Every single business has it's set of undesirable tasks, and clients that make us want to take the day off. But does the larger portion of your business make you keep at in spite of these things? That is the question.

You must put your heart into your business to succeed. You must know and understand your own personal motivations for doing the business you do. How? Write about it. Sit down and list all of the things you love about your business. List all of the talents you use, all the tasks you love, all the strengths you employ, and all of the events that make you smile both inside and out. If the list is strong enough, then you are in the correct business, and these are your selling points. This list that you have compiled is your marketing ammunition that will reflect caring and passion to your potential clients. Don't sell logic, sell emotion.

Every single sale of every single day is bought on a emotion, whether big or small, it is emotion that brings people into your business, not logic. Make your potential buyers *feel* and you won't have to close the sale, they will. Every sale is an emotional buy. Figure out what the emotions are attached to your type of business and then honestly pursue it.

I am not suggesting manipulation here. I am suggesting displaying your passion, strengths, and talents to spark honest emotion in your buyers. Be friendly, be accessible when appropriate, be passionate and unafraid to show it, but most of all be caring. No matter the type of business, an honest caring attitude that tells it straight, that comforts, and that instills confidence will bring not just customers but customers for life. Let your customers see the real you. And make sure your heart is in it for more than the money.



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