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November 8, 2007 Issue

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From The Editor -


Okay, we are finally back on track after our big adventure on Ebay and traveling the United States.  :-)  

This past week I released an ebook entitled, "Selling What You Know, Learn, and Experience".   It will teach you how to put together tons of information products based on your current knowledge OR how to find the information that you can make your own and sell under your own name.  It really is the easiest way to make a good income online.  Included is everything you need to know set out in step by step instructions.  You can learn more about it here.  It's reasonably priced at just $6 AND it comes with Master Resell Rights which means you can turn around and sell it for FULL PROFIT.  Nifty huh?  And of course, it backed by a full guarantee.  

It's been awhile since I've written an ebook and it felt great.  I love teaching all the insider secrets I learn and know from making my own living online for 12 years.  I hope you enjoy it.  :-)))


Anne Marie

Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites
By Jim Sansi

Some of the hottest sites on the 'net these days are the
social bookmarking sites... they are without a doubt all
the rage. The good news is that these sites can just as
easily be used to gain some amounts of immediate traffic to
your web sites as well.

Let's take a quick and dirty look at four of the more
popular social bookmarking sites currently available:
Digg. News worthy stories that attract a lot of attention
and "diggs" receiving top placement have been known to
completely swamp and take down entire servers from the
amount of traffic sent. If you run a blog you can also add
the Digg widget that easily allows your readers to vote for
stories they like. The URL for Digg is
StumbleUpon is probably the most sophisticated of all the
sites with the inclusion of a toolbar that users can
download to "stumble" web pages they find interesting.
StumbleUpon is also another great place to buy moderately
priced traffic from in markets that are highly competitive
and you couldn't otherwise afford from the big PPC players.
To find out more about StumbleUpon visit:

Onlywire isn't really a bookmarking site by itself, instead
it allows you to tag pages and send those tagged pages to a
bunch of sites at the same time like Furl and Delicious...
This feature alone makes it a great time saving tool! Onlywire
can be found at

Reddit is a plain jane no frills site where people can post
stories and then vote on them. But don't let the simplicity
discourage you from using it. Reddit has an Alexa ranking
under a thousand so it has a huge reaching audience every
day. Reddit's URL is

So that's the quick rundown of the more popular sites.
Don't expect to garner hordes of traffic from any one of
these sites in particular, however even with a minimal
amount of effort you will gain a steady stream of visitors.
One important thing you should take note of is to not spam
these sites or submit garbage pages to them. If you do you
will only end up getting banned and losing out.

Ratchet up article marketing efforts for any site with this

 guaranteed course.

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