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September 20, 2007 Issue

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How To Gain The Momentum You Need To Grow Your Business

Are you one of those “not quite yet” guys? When you are starting your first business, or taking steps toward that goal, there can sometimes be an almost overwhelming feeling that you aren’t quite ready. Most people have a rough idea what they want to gain from their business, but they are so scared of making a mistake due to lack of preparation that they don’t ever get started. Stick with us and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

To Prepare Or Not To Prepare?

First of all, you need to understand, and not only understand but thoroughly believe that preparation is not wrong-it is a very necessary aspect of building a successful business. Do you think Bill Gates got to where he is by improvising the whole time? No of course not. There will have been business plans, contingency plans and probably hundreds of other theories in the history of Microsoft, the company he founded. But, and this is an important but, so pay attention, Bill Gates exemplifies some of the qualities found in all hyper successful business men-He knows when it’s time to stop planning and start doing. A great plan is just that, a great plan, and it can be nothing more until you put the work in and get that plan implemented. Preparation is not wrong, but it needs to be part of something greater. As a business owner you need to recognize the time to stop preparing and start doing.

Set Solid Deadlines

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to give yourself deadlines. Deciding a set timeframe in which to do something is an excellent method for really making your brain work at its best-especially if you write the timeframe down with definite dates etc. This will help you visualize what needs to be done, and visualization is the key to doing anything at the very top level of success. It can be very tough to start a business and get it off the ground initially, especially if you are lumbered with the shackles of a day job sucking away most of your time. These struggles can be much easier if you have a solid plan of action, as you can actually see the progress being made as you update your plan each day.

In At The Deep End

All the preparation in the world can’t teach you as well as some actual business experience though. Every single successful business owner in the world probably had their doubts when they first struck out on their own. It’s natural to feel unsure about something you haven’t done before. Be aware though, that these feelings will likely remain however much you prepare. The only way to really remove them is to jump in at the deep end. Without a doubt the best way to learn something is by doing it, and possibly even make mistakes while you are doing it! Unless you are the luckiest business owner that ever lived, you will make mistakes when you start your business. Realize that these mistakes are not the end of the world. The mark of the truly successful business owner is the ability to change and adapt to those mistakes on the fly, and that is something you will never be able to do if you are stuck in the “preparation” phase forever!

The Cycle Of Endless Learning

Many people get stuck in the vortex of endless learning. They buy book after book, and sign up for any course they can find. The problem is any time they get close to actually STARTING a business and applying the knowledge they have learned, some new course or book comes around. Obviously the new course is very well marketed and has all the bells and whistles, so our hero feels like they have to read that first in case they miss something. The ironic thing is that usually if they acted on the first few pieces of information they had, they would probably own a profitable business by now. That’s why when you are starting out with a business, the most valuable skill you have is to know when to prepare, and when to stop preparing and start DOING!

Just Do It

Nike struck a real chord when they coined the phrase “just do it” in the 80’s. Excellent advice to sportsmen and entrepreneurs alike. For every successful business owner who makes careful plans and looks before they leap, there is also one who “just did it.” They started up on a whim, learning and adapting as things developed. Sure, they made preparations and plans, but often on the fly. Will they be as successful as the guys that took 6 months to learn and plan for every contingency? No. They’ll be more successful, because they actually got started, and learned some very real lessons as the business developed. Every minute you put off starting your business, it becomes statistically more likely that you will never start it!

The ability to make things happen and actually get things done is probably the one quality that will allow fledgling business owners to experience success the soonest. Think of it in terms of sports, sports coaches have an excellent phrase to sum the whole thing up- “You miss every shot that you don’t take!”
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