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Sizzling Sales Techniques Newsletter (Four)

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Sizzling Sales Tip Four:


Participate In Online Forums


Participating in online forums allows you to share your expertise.  The number one rule online is to share your knowledge first, then nurture the sale.  Sharing your expertise allows you to expand your exposure and experience to increase confidence.


You cannot use forums to blatantly post ads.  You must look for opportunities to legitimately answer questions from others and be helpful.  However, most forums allow for a signature file.  A signature file might look something like this:


Anne Marie

Publicist (

Helping Online Business Owners Succeed For More Than 12 Years


Your signature tag leaves a long-term link for others that visit the forum to view as well as creating a back link. 


You can find forums by going to your favorite search engine and putting a keyword relevant to your business plus the word forum in the search.  It would look like this:



Marketing+Bulletin Boards


Replace the word Marketing with a keyword appropriate to your industry.

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