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 Sizzling Sales Techniques Newsletter

  Since 1995 - 12 Years Helping Online Businesses Succeed!


The First Write-Promotion Series Includes

 Sizzling Techniques To Increase Sales


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Sizzling Sales Technique One:


Write Articles.


Writing articles is the number one way to increase your targeted website traffic.  People check their bookmarks a couple of times a month…maybe, but they check their email daily.  Articles are used in ezines (sent by email) by publishers looking for useful content.  If you add  anything  to your online marketing step, writing articles is the most important step. 


Not much of a writer?  No problem, you can get a writer relatively cheap.  Try or  You can usually have an article written for about $15, sometimes less.  If you want the very best quality with exclusive rights to your article, check out our service (


Make sure your articles provide useful information.  It should not be an ad.  Review other articles to an idea of what it should include.  It’s also a great way to learn.


Once your article is written, include a resource box at the bottom. This should be an ad! Look at my articles here and check out my resource box at the bottom.


After your article is complete, you will need to submit it to the article directories so that it can be found by ezine editors to use on their websites, blogs, or within their ezine.  Click here for a short list of where you can submit your article.  Or you can use automated  software which makes the process much easier.  I use article submitter.  It saves me a ton of time.  Click here to find out more.



This Month's Product Review: Secrets To Their Success


I was tickled to locate this inexpensive membership site that interviews new successful website owners every month.  There is so much to learn from those that have succeeded in their various niche markets.  Even with 12 years of online marketing experience, I still pick up something new and I did at this membership site as well.  Only $17 a month which I thought was a steal. 

Check it out here.


They interview 3 new and successful website owners every month.  Also included are the last three website owner interviews.  I really liked their ebook which comes with membership and gives the top ten website owners interviews which included an interview with Rosalind Gardner and her fabulous success as a Super Affiliate making more than $500,000 a year! 


You can learn more here by clicking here. 



However, all the interviews are fantastic and teach something new.  It's also interesting to see what other people are doing successfully online.


 Join Secrets  Here and Receive 25,000 Free Optin Leads.  Just send your receipt to me at: and we will forward your free leads within 24 hours. 
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