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Radical Expressions

News Release

Contact: Teresa Vernon
Toll Free: 888.606.5423

The Penguins Have Left The Building!

Teresa Vernon announces Radical Expressions located online at Preferring a new look in formal wear, Ms. Vernon brought to pass a more radical expression of flair. Dressing for occasions no longer has to be limited to boring black and white. Radical Expressions, which sports a variety of patterns and looks, is sure to create just the right flavor for any affair.

Specializing in creative formal apparel, tuxedo vests might don clowns, masks, and confetti with a distinctive cutting edge style. Radical Expressions offer the finest silks, textures, patterns and fun prints in men's unique vests. Designs featuring handsome swarovski crystals studs, gemstone, rhinestone, onyx, silver and gold studs and cuff links are featured in their studs and cuff links and Button covers to provide a tasteful finish to the tuxedo look. Ms. Vernon feels strongly that she is "Improving the look of formal wear for men" and her success is proving that her instincts are right on track.

Vests are often cut to fit assuring a classic style of fit with a radical expression in look. Accessories to round out the look are also available. The site is easy to navigate and purchasing online is easy and safe. For more information about Radical Expression please visit them online at



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